Adv. Kinneret Razon-Picovsky, holds both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree (LL.M.) with Honors, and deals with legal advice in the field of capital markets, to both private and institutional entities. In the setting of her expertise, she provides advice pertaining to regulation, compliance, and enforcement in the capital markets, and represents financial institutions and individuals before the Israeli Securities Authority (ISA). She is a senior lecturer in the Director and Officer Training Program at Lahav, the Tel Aviv University, Business Management Faculty, and is party to the construction of advanced curricula for senior corporate personnel. Additionally, she has represented the Israel Bar Association in hearings of the Knesset Finance Committee in relation to various financial legislation.

Adv. Razon-Picovsky interned at the Supreme Court with HH Justice Yaakov Kedmi, and following receipt of her license to practice law, she was asked to establish the Judges’ Control and Placement Department within the Supreme Court. 

Adv. Razon-Picovsky has written the book "Investment Advising, Investment Marketing and Portfolio Management" which has  been published in its 19th edition, and includes chapters on corporate law, securities law, mutual funds, capital market criminal offences and an extensive chapter regarding the disciplinary rules applicable to holders of a license in the capital market, and the rules prohibiting money laundering and finance of terrorism. Additionally, she was co-author of books on corporate law and articles in the field of capital markets.

Adv. Razon-Picovsky considers voluntary work part of her civic duties, and is a member of the Israel Bar Association’s Securities Committee. She gives lectures at the Israel Bar Association’s continuing professional development courses, at the Internal Auditor’s Bureau, the Nobel Laureate forum for the advancement of science, and at the UN’s WIPO organization regarding “The Capital Market as a Greenhouse for Intellectual Property”.


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